1. What is a Loan Consultant ?

Ans : Loan Consultants are intermediaries. When you need financing, be it secured or unsecured, they mediate between you and the banks. Loan Consultant ensure their clients get the best possible loans, the lowest interest rates and predict problems. They will also analyse the risk and profile of each company, tailoring different needs for them.

2 . Why I should Use A Loan Consultants ? 

Ans : Bankers work for Bank and get a commission when they sell you a loan. A good consultant are not biased toward any bank and don’t work for any bank. They speed up your loan approval and know where to find the best deal. Its hassle free, you do need to run around finding a competent banker to serve you. Last but not least, you don’t pay until you get what you want! Sounds Fair?

3 .What are the Charges For Loan Consulting ?

Ans : For business financing related matters, we will assess base on your company profile and the risk you have. We will give you a fair assessment of your company’s eligibility and from there we will allocate the charges accordingly.

4 . What is The Processing Time For Loan ?

Ans : Different banking facilities require different risk assessment thus it varies from 2 weeks to 1 month. Of course, our service will ensure fast delivery and constant update of status.

5 . What is Insurence Consultant In Akshay Groups ?

Ans :Akshay Group is an online platform that lets you compare insurance quotes from top-rated insurance companies and purchase the insurance policy that best suits your needs. Buying an insurance policy on Akshay Groups is very simple. You just need to choose the type of policy you want, fill in the required details, compare various quotes and make payment. And your are done! Your insurance policy is issued.

6.What kind of insurance policies does Akshay Groups offer?

Ans :Akshay Groups offers car insurance, bike insurance as well as health insurance.

7 . How long does it take to buy an Insurance Policy on Akshay Groups?

Ans : Right from entering the details to making payment, the entire insurance issuance process takes just 5 minutes!

8.How to make a claim?

Ans :There are two ways in which you can make a claim:

Cashless claims:  Get in touch with your insurer and inform them about your claim. Depending on the type of insurance (motor/health), the insurer will guide you about the cashless claim settlement process. In case of motor insurance, the insurer shares the details of a nearby cashless workshop if available and you just have to pay your part of the liability to get your car/bike repaired. In case of health insurance, you can get in touch with your TPA (Third Party Administrator) help desk at the time of hospitalization for a cashless claim.

  • Reimbursement claim:In case of unavailability of a cashless facility, you need to make a reimbursement claim. In case of motor insurance, you need to pay the entire claim amount up front (after informing the insurer of the claim) and get it reimbursed from the insurer after the repair of your car/bike. In case of health insurance, you need to pay the entire bill amount to the hospital (after informing the insurer) and get it reimbursed from the insurer post discharge from hospital.

9.Why should I choose Akshay Groups For Properties?

Founded in 2015 by dynamic business leaders, Akshay Groups has helped more than 10,000 people find their dream homes through the efforts of more than 500 of our dedicated employees. Our commitment towards assisting people in their home buying  , Property Investing process has been encouraged with generous investments from investors like Developers.